Friday, April 24, 2009

Closet Case

I've dreamed of replicating Cher's computerized closet since the first time I watched Clueless. Last summer I even took pictures of pre-assembled outfits (yeah, I know, I'm a freak) for "I have nothing to wear" kind of days.
For anyone who's ever loved picking your outfit the night before, your prayers have been answered. I read about Closet Couture in the May issue of Vogue and immediately created an account. The site allows you to photograph and upload your clothes into a virtual closet. It's similar to Polyvore, in that you drag and drop items and save a look, but it's more streamlined and uses your own photos. You can also buy clothes on the website or pay professional stylists to sort through your uploaded stuff and put together outfits.
Uploading your closet is a bit tedious. To get my wardrobe started, I stuck to photographing everything I'm packing for my upcoming trip to London. (I figured this is the perfect way to take inventory and keep track of what I'm hauling over there.) It was a long process, but really? I'm on summer vacation and don't really have anything better to do. If you're as bored these days as I am, check the site out. Happy matching!


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