Monday, May 18, 2009

Here's what paints my paws

I'm not one of those girls with a giant basket overflowing with 50 different shades of nail polish. I rarely buy it-- which is how I justify spending $20 on one bottle. (I also almost never get my nails done professionally, so I save a few bucks there, too.)
It's not that I don't like nail polish, it's just that most colors don't look good on me. I have very very pale hands, stubby fingers, and short nail beds. I wanted desperately to get into the navy trend last year, but it made my digits look washed out and weird.
So instead, I stick to these four colors:
1. OPI Elephantastic Pink
2. OPI Girl's Just Want to Have Fun
3. Chanel Vamp
4. Sally Hansen Lasting Lily

Tried and true.

And though I don't always have time to follow my own advice, these tips will help your polish last:
  • Buff your nails! Not only will they look far better sans-polish, the smoother your nails are, the longer your color will stick.
  • Give them plenty of time to dry. Don't use the quick dry sprays--it makes the polish weaker. I'll admit, I usually use it since I have a tendency to paint my nails on Thursday or Friday nights. But if you can, indulge yourself and just relax for an hour.
  • Take a week off. Or two. Peeling, splitting nails aren't going to hold color for very long. Don't paint them for awhile and keep them cut short. Slather the cuticles with hand cream or Vaseline. They'll be way healthier and I promise your next manicure will last longer.
  • Use a good base and top coat. I love OPI's.

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