Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reasons I Love the Brits Already

1. Monday is bank holiday. I love a country that doesn't need a reason to take the day off.

  1. 2. A parliament member used tax money for makeup. That's my kinda girl. So much better than stealing staplers from the supply closet.

  2. 3. Everyone looks effortlessly stylish here, as if they could throw on anything from their closet and walk out the door. It makes me want to clean out my wardrobe, bad. I thought it'd be terrible to pack enough clothes for 7 weeks in one suitcase, but it makes getting dressed so much easier! I've only brought clothes I really love, so I can put on anything and be ok with it. Perhaps this is what Europeans do everyday?

4. Topshop. Really needs no explanation. I've been waiting years to peruse these racks.

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