Sunday, June 21, 2009

Limited time offer

I didn't want to waste precious suitcase space on paperbacks to read while I'm over here. So instead, I've been buying up magazines to flip through during my down time.

As I was perusing the newsstand, I noticed that most of the major magazines come packaged with free stuff. Novels, lip gloss, chocolates, body lotion, tote bags, even Benefit mascara! The kind of stuff you would ordinarily get [a crappier version of] with your ordered subscription in the States. But over here, they lure you in right at the stand.

Is this how the UK is saving the printed publication? Is the US doing it too, I'm just not noticing? Granted, I'm subscribed to enough magazines at home that I haven't been to Barnes + Noble in awhile to buy new ones. (I wait until the September issues come out for that.) If they aren't, maybe they should try it out. Sales obviously need a boost and, after all, who doesn't like free stuff?

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