Sunday, June 14, 2009

What's in my bag

The other day I plopped this yellow monstrosity down at the checkout counter of the grocery store. The guy ringing me up gave me a weird look and asked, "Is that a bag or a purse? You girls always carry so much around." I laughed, agreed, and threw my yogurt and carrot sticks inside my combination bag/purse.

I'm fairly certain I'll acquire scoliosis before I return to the states. The long list of contents pictured below probably explains my constantly aching shoulders.

(From bottom left):
-Camera+ map: Saves me the trouble from telling people I'm a tourist.
-Wallet: from Urban Outfitters
-IPod, wrapped in a handkerchief: Doubles as a dirt-free place to sit when I'm chilling in Hyde Park
-Granola bar, Fanta Zero, aluminum water bottle: Keeps me going during long days of shopping and strolling
-Magazine: I always need something to read; Company is my new favorite.
-Notebooks: I usually have at least two, if not three, in my bag at all times. What can I say, I like making lists.
-Sunglasses + Umbrella: When in London, you always need both with you at all times.
-Cosmetic bag from Target: scottie dog mirror, Oyster card, C.O. Bigelow lipgloss, Neutrogena age shield hand lotion, hand sanitizer (I really don't want the swine flu), Charmin' To-Go (thank you to my caring roommate Erika for sending this to me before my departure), gum
-Tons of random tickets, brochures, flyers, receipts: It's impossible to step a foot in this city without someone thrusting a piece of paper at you. And unlike Pittsburgh, they seriously make you take it.

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