Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm really obsessed with the three following things:

1. Planning out how my apartment will look this year. I'm thinking a feminine, lux- bohemian living room. Mostly because that's the only style that will incorporate the random mismatch of furniture my three roommates and I are bringing.
It'll look a little something like this:

2. My new macbook pro. After spending a frustratingly long time dealing with a computer that crashed a few times an hour, I finally took the plunge. Worth every penny.
3. Hair flowers. Worn obnoxiously and daily.
I know, I know. Flowers — for summer? Groundbreaking. Sure, hippies have been rocking this look for decades, but I’m a late bloomer — so to speak — and didn’t start until this year. I’ve been pinning them into my hair on a daily basis, mostly because I’m horrible at seasonal dressing and they give a much-needed dose of summer to my ensembles. Also, it’s really fun when people ask if you’ve recently returned from Hawaii — as if my stark white complexion wasn’t answer enough — and when bees begin to follow you like you were some buzzing Pied Piper.

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