Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Breaking News: Convertible Zippers Grow Up

Remember that unfortunate phenomenon circa sixth grade when, against all odds, it was a hip thing to turn your pants into shorts with the convenience of a few well placed zippers? If you got too hot running around at recess, you could ditch the bottom half of your pant legs and stay cool.

I was never a participant in that trend, but when I spotted these convertible Michael Kors boots, that zip-zip convenience suddenly seemed cool. While I unfortunately cannot afford the steep $595 price tag, it is a pretty big penny saver if you think about: You're essentially getting three boots in one! It would totally save me the trouble of having to locate and purchase the three boots of varying height I really want.
Who knew the convertible zipper would be like that awkward kid in middle school who managed to become hot in their early 20s?

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