Sunday, September 27, 2009

G-20 round up

The whirlwind of the G-20 has come and gone, leaving Pittsburgh behind with a little more media attention than usual and some smashed windows. I must say, I'm sad to see the event come to an end. It was a welcome change of pace and I was getting used to having the SWAT team flood campus everyday.

How did this global meeting affect the fashion industry? Well, as for Pittsburgh stores, check out these pictures I took in the Shadyside neighborhood:

Corporate chains had to board up all their windows (on the left is J.Crew and Victoria Secret is on the right) to avoid brick-hurling, anti-capitalism protestors.
Instead of boarding up, family owned stores protected themselves by advertising their independent status. Bragging about organic fabrics and local designers was popular, too.

Residents who work downtown (where the convention center is located) were advised to dress down to avoid the attention of anti-corporate protestors.

As for Michelle, she looked as radiant as ever.

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