Sunday, September 20, 2009

What the eff are they wearing?

Ever since that little campus anti-fashion compendium I put together a couple weeks ago, I've been getting a stream of tip-offs to people around Pittsburgh who aren't following the rules.
They're pretty entertaining, so I'm going to share some with you.
"Spotted: fashion faux pas" (Note that it was at least 75 degrees outside, rendering that Ugg/legging combination completely unacceptable.)

"Ok so this tranny in my ethics class is wearing short white socks, maroon pumps, and a jean skirt. Tee-rashy."

"Someone hasn't been reading the pitt news..."
(Plaid and stripes, guilty as charged. Someone's bad idea of Pitt pride at a football game.)

"Today I saw a girl walking around carrying two items by Vera Bradley. They were different patterns. Is that better or worse than if they'd matched? I was so distracted by the misfortune that her backpack was filthy I couldn't make a decision. Thank you."

So consider this the beginning of a new venture, lovingly entitled "What the Eff are They Wearing?"
If you see a fashion crime happening, where ever you are, I want to hear about it. Text me, facebook me, email me, leave a comment. We can't just let these bad things happen.

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