Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Literary Birthday

I suppose I'm not quite as complex as I try to appear. My main interests are writing and fashion (shock!) and apparently everyone knows it. So three of my birthday presents were books. Exactly my favorite gift to get.
My lovely roommate gave me The New Yorker humor writing anthology, my brother got me The Sartorialist book, and one of my besties got me The World in Vogue.

The World in Vogue is this amaazzing collection of photographs, including one of my favorite shots ever printed in Vogue-- one of Keira Knightley feeding a baby elephant draped in Louis Vuitton. Wonderful.
The Sartorialist has all the pictures featured from Scott Schuman's blog, but he does some commentary for a few of the photos. My favorite quote:
"Let's be honest, the reality rarely lives up to the romance and I am OK with that--I think we all could benefit from letting ourselves get lost in the romance of an idea or perception instead of having to know every excruciating detail of reality."

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