Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Silent Treatment

I'm but a few short days away from fleeing the city and returning home to suburban Philadelphia for my bi-annual post-semester cleanse. For a week, I avoid consuming alcohol and carbohydrates, refuse to put makeup on or heat style my hair, and only leave the house to go running in Valley Forge Park and shopping in the King of Prussia mall. Instead, I hibernate on the couch to catch up on my reading, writing, and 'rithmetic tv watching.

During this week of rejuvenation, I also focus some tender love and care to my poor highlighted-to-death locks. My coif is in need of some serious moisture, so I'm desperately searching for a new deep conditioner.
I've used the Ojun one before but it didn't quite have the earth tremblingly-transformative results I was hoping for.

If anyone has some conditioner recommendations please send them my way!

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allison berger said...

dude, i'm ditto-ing you on every single thing in this entry. at home i stay away from alcohol/carbs, i barely leave the couch, i never put on makeup and omg i am in desperate need of a deep conditioner. my hair knots like none other, and it's dry and splitting. gross.