Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh good, I was starting to think I was too old to get a job in fashion.

Let's talk Tavi.
For the uninformed, Tavi is a 13 year old fashion blogger who-- somehow-- managed to get really famous. Like, really famous.
Most recently, she shot a video for Rodarte about their collection for Target and scored a column in the January issue of Bazaar.
The girl's cute and all, but she quite frankly drives me crazy. Mostly because I'm insanely jealous that when I was 13, the closest I was getting to the fashion industry was taking a trip to the King of Prussia mall to buy Abercrombie jeans. It makes me a little insecure to think that someone nine years my junior is already living the dream.
I can't help but wonder if she's an Anna Wintour-in-training or if this whole teen gimmick will come to an end once she's old enough to start dating boys and spending time on other things.
Regardless, I'm really digging what Elle fashion director Anne Slowey had to say about her to New York magazine:
"I'm fascinated by anyone who's willing to, like, rock personal style, and you've got to giver that, she's got great style...You look at her [Rodarte] video, and the writing doesn't sync up with the way she talks about fashion. When I watched that video it smacked of this ethereal vagueness--the vacantlike quality where it was like everyone was on Vicodin. Like everyone was uncomfortably dumb except for me...I'm not trying to take anything way from her--her love of fashion, her love of style. She's either a tween savant or she's got a Tavi team."

Right on.

Here's her video in case you're curious:

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