Friday, August 6, 2010

Made for walking

I recently relocated to suburban Philadelphia for a job in publishing. While there's nothing I love more than the Mainline in late summer (easy access to the beach! sales at the King of Prussia mall! outdoor seating at restaurants without melting in the heat!) the laziness of the 'burbs is freaking me out.
When I lived in Pittsburgh, I'd think nothing of walking a few miles to avoid paying for the bus. Now? I think nothing of moving my car from one side of a shopping center's parking lot to the other. It's awful. I need to end this behavior immediately before it becomes customary. However, now that I'm no longer in college and my body doesn't have to metabolize gallons of bottom shelf liquor every weekend, I've found that as long as I manage to, I don't know- get out of bed everyday, it's pretty easy to stay fit.
The one major advantage to living in the burbs? I can wear heels. I'd sworn against them when I was walking everywhere in the city, but now that my farthest pedestrian commute is from the parking lot to my cubicle, I'm ready to make some footwear investments.

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