Saturday, August 8, 2009

B[utton] Job

I spent a good year and a half searching for a kelly green coat. Everywhere. Finally, I stumbled upon one at the Nordstrom's sale last year. It gave me that kind of shopping euphoria that occurs when you've been looking for something forever and finally find it.
But guess what.
I never wore it.
Not even once.
I got to campus in the fall and it seemed like everyone had gotten the same coat at the Nordstrom's sale.
So since it kills me to let a purchase go to waste, I finally decided to spruce it up and make it more my style. I went to Joann's, picked up some gold buttons, and did a little swap-a-roo.
I think it looks less trendy and more sophisticated now, no? All for the low low price of $10. Much more economical than getting a new coat for the season.
I'm a big fan of replacing buttons. I put some brown leather ones on a corduroy blazer last year. Now I'm thinking about updating my black peacoat with some silver crests.

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