Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I suppose this is an accurate representation of Fashion Week, anyways.

An unfortunate side effect of Fashion's Night Out's marketing tactics is that it did, in fact, put people in the mood to shop. And when I say people, I mean my mother. And when I say in the mood to shop, I mean that it inspired my mom to go through the entirety of Neiman Marcus, pull each and every item off the racks and ask me, What do you think of this? Too young? Too tight? Too boxy? Too much fur? Too old?
The whole commotion got so carried away that we completely forgot to pay attention to the time and I ended up being ridiculously late to the fashion show. So late that I didn't get to my seat and missed the first half. Unfortunately, this means that each and every one of my pictures is either blurry, grainy, or severely underexposed. Which, frankly, is a crying shame because there was quite a lot of splendorous things I would've liked to share with you.
So, let's say I pulled a Rachel Zoe at Marc Jacobs -- without the dire consequences and catch phrases -- and call it a day, shall we?
I'll offer up a few of my horrific quality photos for you anyways:

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