Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Choosing between my two first loves

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Blazer: Express, white shirt: Foxcroft, skinny cords: Urban Outfitters, leather boots: Matisse
 My dear friend Erika asked me the most ridiculous question the other day.

"Sam, if you had to choose between never wearing nautical things again or never wearing equestrian things again, which would it be?"
Oh, the nerve to even suggest such a malnourished life style! I humored her though, and after much consideration I decided I'd sacrifice nautical before riding gear. But really, that would wipe out half my closet. A peak into my drawers will reveal no less than eight nearly-identical-to-the-untrained-eye striped shirts. What can I say? I know what I like and I like consistency.

When I was in fifth grade, I bought this fantastic outfit from the American Girl catalog (I was an embarrassingly devoted fan of theirs) that consisted of a red and white striped t-shirt and low-rise navy trousers. I thought I was so cool.

However, the first day I wore it to school some girl at the locker next to mine muttered under her breath, "What do you think you are, a sailor?"

I was beyond mortified. I should've ignored her -- she was a real bitch, you know? The type with beady eyes and flat hair. I can't remember her name, but I do remember her saying something snarky about my bohemian attitude towards resisting unnecessary conflict when she tried to do something mean to one of my friends. "What are you, a hippy?" This girl clearly had huge issues with identity.


I put my passionate love for nautical stuff on hold for awhile to let my poor bruised ego get some TLC. Instead, I turned my attention to equestrian-inspired wears and started pulling together a wardrobe made almost entirely out of the J.Crew sale rack and Ralph Lauren factory store. I've had an affinity for blazers and leather riding boots ever since. They are the core of my being. In fact, when people routinely ask me if I ride horses (Erika also told me I looked like I had just come from the barn a little while back) I'm not even insulted -- I'm flattered!

I only forgave my mother for not signing me up for riding lessons as a child when I realized I could still dress the part without the risk of any major brain injuries...
Blazer: Lilly Pulitzer
Belt: vintage, tunic: H&M


freesia said...

Great style!!! That belt its gorgeous, so as the blouse, and by the way hate the locker girl!!!!

Joanne Faith said...

Sounds like a tough decision! I like your style though, very cool!

Yuck @ girl by the locker. Some people can be so rude.

Erika Moul said...

1. You look GORGEOUS.
2. This post makes me so incredibly happy, nostalgic, and sad - I miss you and knowing your subconscious thoughts when reading your writing.
3. Can we go to New Hope?

I miss you! - xo.