Friday, October 1, 2010

In which my world takes a decidely narcissistic turn to the right.

 I'll be the first to admit that I have a rather unhealthy obsession with personal style blogs. I'll get on my laptop to check my email -- really fast! I swear, I'll only be a second! -- only to emerge two hours later from the far depths of some new blog I've accidentally stumbled upon and quickly became infatuated with. I think seeing the way real people put outfits together is far more inspiring than any catalog or magazine. And, apparently, so does everyone in the fashion industry these days. Street style is everything.

However, when it came to posting pictures of my own style on my own blog, I enthusiastically refrained. "Too narcissistic. Too self congratulating. Too...weird," I thought.

But being the attention-seeking hypocrite that I am, along with a gentle push from my ever-supportive friend Katelyn, I've decided to reconsider. Hence, a new venture.

This necklace? You won't even believe me when I tell you that
it was $3.80 at Forever 21. Pearl earrings: Banana Republic
Utility jacket: Gap, gingham button down: J. Crew,
skinny cords: Urban

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