Sunday, July 26, 2009


Each year I buy a cotton tote bag to lug my stuff around campus. I'm morally opposed to the use of backpacks (not on other people, just myself. I look ridiculous with them.) and am not all that fond of spending a lot of money on something I throw on the floor 12 times a day.
Here are the ones I've used:
1. Freshman year: Urban Outfitters
2. Sophomore year: Fred Flare
3. Junior year: Marc Jacobs, I'm usually opposed to blatant logos, but I thought this bag was hilarious since it kind of pokes fun of the whole name brand thing.
4. Senior year: ????

I haven't found anything that strikes my fancy yet. I'm thinking I may want to upgrade to something a little nicer, like this quilted number from Urban Outfitters.
I'm a little leery, though, of how well the straps will hold up once I've thrown all my stuff inside. (Since I'm guilty of carrying the entire contents of my life at all times.)

If anyone sees any decent totes anywhere, let me know!

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